Over the years Switzerland has made a reputation of being an independent country that it’s not ready to gave up its neutrality. If it’s a good thing or not, this is not our area of expertise, so we let that in the hands of a more qualified individuals.

Switzerland is not just a financial heaven, it is more than that. It’s an astonishing country, with great views and very clean, strong and healthy air.

If you’re looking to spend some money on a luxurious and extravagant vacation, Switzerland has a lot to offer. But don’t take our word for granted, let the facts speak for themselves! These are the 20 things you didn’t know about Switzerland!

1. March Alpin Spa Retreat is a top destination for ski lovers all around the World. It is a remarkable place but it’s not cheap at all.

March Alpin Spa Retreat; via southtyrol.suedtirol-hotels.com

2. Badrutt’s Palace has made a great reputation of being one of the most beautiful places for a honey moon or a romantic and extravagant wedding night.

Badrutt’s Palace; via www.historichotelsofeurope.com

3. If you spend at least two night at the Arosa Kulm Hotel, you get the privilege of driving a Maserati Gran Cabrio for a day.

Arosa Kulm Hotel; via hotels.swisshoteldata.ch

4. Switzerland is the place where top brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega or Tag Heuer were born.

Patek Philippe watch; via swiss-watch1.tumblr.com

5. Over a half of Swiss electricity is produced by hydroelectric power plants.

Swiss hydroelectric power plant; via www.ipsnews.net

6. Switzerland is a major chocolate exporter. In 2012, only 18 chocolate companies produced more than 172,000 tons of chocolate.

Swiss chocolate; via www.suggestkeyword.com

7. As of 2013, the possession of Cannabis has been decriminalized.

Rolling a joint; via www.huffingtonpost.com

8. According to the Quality of Life Index, Switzerland is the best place to be born.

Switzerland; via graduateland.com

9. The entire Swiss economy is based on highly skilled and professional workers.

Workers via; via blog.softworks.com

10. Zurich has an astonishing number of 1224 fountains.

Zurich; via top-travel.ro

11. Charlie Chaplin spent his last 25 years of life in Switzerland.

Charlie Chaplin; via post4truth.com

12. Switzerland has more banks than dentists, and more Starbucks shops than banks.

Swiss bank; via www.postzambia.com

13. In Switzerland you can lease a cow, and during that time you can enjoy all the cheese that is made from its milk.

Swiss cow; via www.huffingtonpost.com

14. 70% of the country is covered by mountains, and there are over 1500 lakes.

Switzerland; via www.freedomofresearch.org

15. Teaching is one of the best paid jobs is Switzerland. The average salary is around $112,000 a year.

Teacher helping students in classroom; via www.huffingtonpost.com

16. A Swiss jeweler has made a $68 million ring that is entirely made out of one solid diamond.

Diamond ring; via www.huffingtonpost.com

17. BBC once made an April fools prank, making people believe that spaghetti was harvested from “spaghetti trees” in Switzerland.

“Spaghetti tree”; via www.flickr.com

18. The richest resident in Switzerland is the founder of IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad with a net worth of $44 billion.

Ingvar Kamprad;via www.aftonbladet.se

19. Mexican and Chinese restaurants are very expensive because they are considered exotic.

Tacos; via mezcalriverside.com

20. As much as we like traveling, most of us feel that awful home sick. But apparently not in Switzerland, because nearly 23% of the population is represented by foreigners.

People waving Swiss flags; via www.discovery.com

This concludes our today’s article about 20 things you didn’t know about Switzerland, and we hope you enjoyed it!

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